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” she said国产美女裸体无遮挡免费视频
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” she said国产美女裸体无遮挡免费视频

Eight Part 4In this part we meet 1 more of the characters in eight –George - and we find some very interesting things about both Jane and George.Please feel very free to write comments about this story – both good and bad because that way I can try to please you. Hope you are enjoying it so farAnd so to the present. Forty odd years down the track. George was sitting next to Rene at the dinner table with Anne on the other side of him. I was sitting next to Pete with Brian on the other side. While Margaret was comfortably seated between Brian and Dennis. At the beginning of the dinner which had started as soon as we all arrived and had stood around for a while drinking whatever we fancied. Brian, ever the organiser, had sat us all down in front of little cards with our names on them.As soon as we were all seated Brian cleared his throat and announced in a very formal voice that he would like to set-out a few guidelines for the evening and that if anybodydisagreed this would be a good time to discuss it. That way we could all agree on how the evening was to go. First, he apologised to Anne and Dennis and Margaret and Pete that they hadn’t had a chance to meet before this evening and that he and probably everyone else would understand if any of them wanted to leave.Dennis had worked his now familiar European charm on Margaret who was looking very pleased with the attention and Pete and Anne were looking very comfortable with each other. It seemed there was little danger that anybody wanted to leave. The food was delicious, the music was soft, the lights were just right, the mood was expectant and a little excited. The men were dressed casually but expensively and women looked magnificent having obviously spent a lot of time on their appearance.I hoped I looked ok to everyone and felt just a little dowdy next to Anne’s obvious beauty.She is one of those lucky women who accept that they have been born with extraordinary attributes but don’t need to flaunt them. 39Gradually as themeal progressed and the wine flowed freely the conversation became more and more relaxed and the jokes progressed to the point of being ribald but without being crude.Finally, after a magnificent pavlova sweet Brian stood and announced that if anybody would care to use the bathroom we were all welcome. He then said that in view of what we all intended to do later in the night a shd ower wouldn’t go astray and a very mild enema was available should anyone wish to take advantage.Strangely, I thought at first, he had organised separate bathrooms for males and females and it wasn’t until we got into the bathroom that I found out what a good idea that was.Neatly laid out on a benchsat four brand new bathrobes and beside each one was a hair brush and discreetly hidden in its wrapper a small enema. Margaret giggled a little as she picked it upand asked if we thought it was really necessary. Rene and I said we thought it was a really good idea and I took off my clothes and lay down on the massage table in the centre of the room. Rene wasted no time and without any ceremony immediately administered my enema straight into the usual place.As I headed quickly for the nearest toilet cubicle I heard heard her cheerfully say “next please” and saw Anne lie on the bench with a resigned look on her face. Seconds later she was headed for the other toilet bowl. The purgative took effect quickly and a few minutes later I was headed for the shower where I paid particular attention to my bottom bits.When I stepped out of the shower Rene was lying on the massage table talking quietly to Margaret who was looking a bit apprehensive. As I gave Rene her enema I asked Margaret if there was anything wrong and she said she was worried about performing in front of everyone.“Don’t worry about it. ” I told her and gave her a quick hug before giving her the enema which she was also nervous about. I told her it was nothing like the ones she had had in hospital and wouldn’t make her feel nauseous like the really strong ones. She was amazed when I told her that Rene and I gave each other one at least once a week and that the boys were on our list as well.I then put a very weak perfume around my fanny, put on the bathrobe which was warm and incredibly soft, and I was ready for whatever the night might bring.When Anne came out of the shower she remarked that she felt incredibly good and quite relaxed and wanted to know what was in the enema beside the usual purgatives. Itold her there was nothing sinister about it, she was just feeling good because she was clean and fresh inside and out. I asked her to lie on the table and gently smeared a tiny amount of KY on her clitoris. She moaned and said that she was now quite ready to face whatever was going to happen.40I told her that poor Margaret was quite nervous and we agreed to try and make her relax as soon as she came out of the shower. Rene was next out and we formed a little conspiracy to try and help Margaret overcome her nerves.As soon as she came out we all stood in a little square and hugged each other. I noticed that Margaret was visibly shaking and reminded her that we have a rule which is very simple. All she had to do at any stage was say “stop” and whoever was with her would do just that and also that would force her to do anything. I then asked her to lie on the table and repeated the little exercise I had gone through with Anne. Margaret looked a lot more relaxed as I gently sprayed her with the same perfume I had used and softly refused my offer to take her place as one of the first two on the mattress. She shook her head and said she was just being silly and that she only hoped everybody would be pleased with her.Anne kissed her softly on the mouth and gently tweaked her nipples so that they were standing out proud and we all told her she was absolutely beautiful. “I just hope the boys all agree with you.” Was all she said as I draped her robe across her shoulders.We all took a deep breath and stepped out into the lounge where our men were waiting for u. Dennis, ever the romantic, politely stood up and led Anne across to where he was sitting and sat down beside her.Brian led Margaret across to the mattress and gently took her robe before asking her to lie on the mattress on her side. George did the same act with Rene, so that she was lying facing Margaret, and Pete led me gently by the hand to one of the other lounges so that we were sitting looking at Rene and Margaret with their feet facing us but slightly to the side so they could see us if they looked up.Pete eased the robe from my shoulders and I was glad I hadn’t put my arms into the sleeves so that it slipped off easily. I took hold of his robe and pulled it down a little as he slipped out of its sleeves and there we were. Naked as the day we were born but considerably wiser. He draped one arm across my shoulders and squeezed one of my nipples so that it immediately stood up proud and changed colour. I saw Margaret look up at Pete and saw him wink at her and wondered what she was thinking about when she saw me strokingPete’s half erection which was rapidly beginning to approach being a full one.Brian slipped out of his robe and slid down onto the mattress behind Margaret and I saw her stiffen a little as he nuzzled the back of her neck and then saw her open her eyes and look across at Rene who smiled at her in a reassuring way as Brian gently moved into a good position to enter her from behind. The whole thing was done so gently and sensitively that I fell in love with Brian all over again and thought for the zillionth time how lucky George and I were to have found Rene and Brian.I looked down and saw that Pete had moved my leg over his and was just starting to ease two of his fingers into me. I whispered to him. “Just let’s watch the show for a 41little bit, we’ve got plenty of time.” He whispered back that he was more than happy to do that but did I mind if he played with me while we watched. I answered him by spreading my legs and putting two of his fingers into me and his thumb on my clit. He felt very nice and his giant erection spoke volumes about how he was feeling.I kissed his cock and we settled back to enjoy a little voyeurism.When Brian rolled Margaret over I saw a different person to the nervous Nellie in the bathroom and felt really pleased for her because she was so obviously enjoying herself. When Dennis slid up behind her and started to lubricate his cock in readiness to enter her on top of Brian I thought. “Hell lady are you about to get a surprise.”George had done the exact same trick to Rene as Brian had to Margaret and I was happy for them both because they looked so happy and contented.Pete then stood up and led me across to where Anne was sitting on her own staring in amazement at what was happening to Margaret. She looked up and smiled as I sat beside her and we held each other close as I asked her if she was enjoying the show on the floor. “Amazing!” Was all she said as Pete slipped his now enormous erection straight into Rene on top of George’s cock. “I don’t know if I could do that,” she said and I quickly reassured her that I had done it quite a few times and she really could.To show her what I meant I took up two of our largest dildos which were scattered around the room and slicked one of them up by putting it into my own soaking fanny. The other one I gently eased into Anne so that only the end was sticking out. She groaned a little as I turned up the vibrations slightly and grabbed my wrist when I took the other one out of my own fanny and it became obvious what I was going to do with it. “Relax.” I said, “remember the stop rule.” “Ok,” she whispered and lay back so that her fanny was as wide open as possible. When she closed her eyes and softly told me she was ready I placed the tip of my dildo in the entrance to her fanny below the first one and pushed gently. Her reaction was instantaneous. She gave a groan and grabbed the end of the dildo from my hand and in one movement pushed it all the way into herself. Well not quite – pushed is the wrong word because as soon as the second dildo was about three quarters in she repeated her trick we had seen in the movie at her house and literally sucked the rest of it into herself so that I had to spread her fanny lips to see the pair of vibrators humming away inside.I was amazed at what I had just seen and even more surprised when suddenly a gush of white liquid came from her. I’d heard of female ejaculation but this was the first time I had seen it.I shook my head and whispered to her. “How on earth do you do that?”She just laughed and said that it was easy and then another thought struck me and I asked how she was going to get those two dildos out.42She laughed again, put her feet flat on the couch, raised her hips and tensed her stomach muscles. Immediately one of the dildos came flying out of her fanny with such force that it hit the wall behind me and a few seconds later it was followed by its mate.What a party trick.I kissed Anne and said to her. “Please show me how to do that.”“Show you what?” she asked. “How to suck it in or how to shoot it back out?”“Both.”“Lie back here.” She instructed and I eagerly complied.Selecting another dildo from the bench she put it into her fanny to wet it and with no ceremony put it straight into me. I winced because I usually don’t like to be entered quickly but she didn’t seem to notice.“Now,” she said. “You’ve got a bit more than half of it in you.” I nodded because in truth it had hurt a bit when she shoved it in she shoved it in so quickly. She looked a bit sad when I told her that it had hurt a bit and she said that she was sorry but that she had wanted me to tense my stomach muscles. I assured her that that part had worked just fine. “Ok,” she said and told me to try not to relax too much. “Or I’ll have to start again,” she warned. I quickly told her that wouldn’t be necessary but I now understood why she had acted so quickly in both the movie and tonight on the couch.She then told me to try and picture my stomach muscles as fingers and get them to take hold of the vibrator. I did as she told me and nothing happened and she instructed me to close my eyes and try again – hard.I did and slowly I could feel the vibrator slipping into me. “Good,” she said, “Now squeeze the walls of your fanny together – you can close your thighs if you want.”I did as she said and suddenly felt the whole vibrator slam against my cervix and an enormous orgasm followed as it hit and settled into place. Then a first happened for me. I felt a huge amount of fluid pour out of my fanny and realised that for the second time that evening I’d experienced female ejaculation. This time my own.Anne scooped up some of the fluid and said that I might like to see what I had just made.I was amazed – it looked just like sperm out of one of the boys and exactly the same as Anne had produced earlier. I felt it and it was smooth as cream. Maybe we should bottle this stuff and sell it.Then a thought occurred to me and I said. “Anne, would you mind getting this thing 43out of me because I can’t reach it.”She said she could but I had asked earlier about the second part of her little party trick. I nodded and she told me to place my feet flat on the couch and raise my hips as high as I could. Immediately I felt the dildo start to slide out of its nest and Anne said that right now I shouldsqueeze the walls of my fanny together as tight as I could. The dildo came out of my fanny and flew half way across the room landing on the floor beside Dennis who picked it up and said. “Anne, did you do that?”She looked innocent and pointed to me where I was still lying with my fanny in the air and my own juices dripping out of me.Dennis said. “Oh, I see. She’s shown you how to do that.”“Gentlemen,” he went on, “your lives have just changed forever.”GeorgeJane and I met Brian at a conference where he was talking about investment opportunities in a very unfashionable field in Australia – manufacturing to a niche market. We were impressed because he wasn’t just a university theorist talking about what he would like to do but a genuine entrepreneur who specialised in taking peoples’ good ideas and inventions and making them into a commercial reality. Along the way he had made himself and quite a few other people rather wealthy.We enjoyed his company immensely as he was one of those quietly spoken people who listened more than he spoke and when he did speak always had something usefulto say.He was/is incredibly generous with his time and possessions.When we met Brian was definitely single and still grieving for his ex who for some reason known only to herself had taken off with a highway patrolman. By the time our relationship had changed from a business based acquaintance to a genuine friendship Brian had met Rene and one day Jane said to me. “You know what – I think our boy is in love.” “Or in lust anyway,” I said.“No I think it’s more than that,” Jane said. In such matters she is usually right.Jane and I had met at a singles’ club and had been attracted to each other from the moment we met.She hated the meat market atmosphere of the club and I felt the same about most of the baggage carrying people who were trying desperately to find meaning in their lives. I also didn’t want to inherit a growing family having finished with that scene a few years ago. I confess also that Australia’s Family Law Act frightened the daylights out of me and I didn’t fancy giving a life time’s work to somebody who was only after a meal ticket. Selfish? Maybe - but I prefer to think of it as a pursuit of genuine happiness.I’d seen the results of such relationships too many times to run the risk.I walked across to Jane who was standing beside a swimming pool and looked quite delectable in a simple summer dress and seemed to be busy trying not to yawn too obviously. I said to her. “I could stand here and try to sweet talk to you and bore you even more in the process – or I could ask you to come out of here to the nearest coffee shop and try not to bore you senseless with a lotof small talk.”She looked me up and down and said. “Are you the axe murderer my mother warned me about?”45I looked into the greenest of green eyes I’ve ever seen and said. “No sorry, I only do that on Tuesdays – today’s Saturday.”“In that case,” she said, “there happens to be a particularly nice coffee shop within walking distance of here – that way I won’t have to be worried about getting into a car with a guy who hasn’t even told me his name.”“Oops! Sorry Jane – my name tag must have fallen off – I’m George Martin.” We shook hands and Jane said, “Are you still reading my name or admiring the scenery underneath it?”“Guess I’m just a slow reader,” I said.Jane looked straight into my eyes and because she is a lot shorter than me had to look up. Then, in a voice that verged on trembling, she said quietly. “I’d love to have coffee with you and I think I might like to get to know you better but please make that the last lie you ever tell me.”I think at that moment we both realised that this could easily become very real for both of us.I took both her hands – looked very deep into her eyes and simply exclaimed. “Promise.”We sat and drank coffee and orange juice for about the next two hours until the lady who ran the shop came and said. “Young man,深一点~我下面好爽视频 you’ve been chatting to this lady for two hours or more – why don’t you take her home where she wants to be? Then I can go home too.”We both laughed and I went to pay the bill but Jane refused to let me pay for her’s saying that she didn’t think she was ready to let me do that just yet.We walked back to her car and she said. “This is the awkward bit isn’t it? You’re wondering how to ask me to come home with you but I don’t want to spoil tonight and I want to get to know you a lot better. If you’re still interested in the morning call me.”She stood on her tip-toes, kissed my cheek and got into her car.I stood on the footpath feeling a bit lost and looked at her card.Jane Swanston0488 246 006.Nothing else.To say I was curious would be the understatement of the year.46The very next morning I rang her and the first thing she asked me was did I know the time. I looked at my watch and thought. “Oh shit! That’s torn it.” My watch read 7 am.I stammered out an apology and she laughed and said it was no problem and that she was an insomniac herself and was wondering if I would ring.Then she said, “Yes, I will.”“Will what?” I asked.“Go out with you tonight – but only if it’s somewhere nice – you’ll be paying tonight and I’m not a coke and hamburger girl.”I laughed and asked. “What sort of girl are you?”She laughed back and said. “An orange juice and hamburger girl.”We exchanged addresses and she said she would pick me up at 5 o’clock.I hung up and wondered what I was getting into – this lady was definitely different.I’m a vintage car enthusiast – make that fanatic – and was fascinated when she turned up in a bright red Chev Corvette of mid seventies vintage. I’m not a great fan of American vintage tin but like a lot of people believe the Corvette was the closest they ever came to making a real sports car and this one was a beauty. Top of the range and fitted with a late model five speed manual gearbox instead of the more usual slush box that most of the imports in this country have. I often used to say that the run-of-the-mill Corvettes were like a girl friend I once had. Great to look at but absolute duds when it came to performance.I was interested to see how she drove her car and was very impressed by what I saw. She drove to the speed limit with the quiet confidence of someone who knows what they are doing and while we were driving informed me about the tech specs of her baby as she called the vehicle.Seems she had imported the engine, which originally had a home in about two acres of Cadillac and sent it straight to a specialist for a complete blueprint and balance. She then replaced the original carburettor with a monster 700 CFM Holley and fitted Edelbrock manifolds to the valley and exhausts. European Michelins graced the wheels and she said that the brakes and suspension had been modified to modern specs.I asked her who had done all the work and she surprised me by saying that she had done a lot of it but that the difficult bits had been farmed out to specialists. Again I was impressed and thought to myself that all the corny jokes about blondes were not true in this case.47We stopped after a short time at a private jetty near Rushcutters Bay and walked out to a small runabout tied to the end of the jetty. After that Jane removed a quite heavy esky from the back seat of her car explaining that there was no room in the boot.All the while we had been driving Jane had kept up a constant commentary on a whole range of topics and for the fiftieth time I wondered what she did for a living. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I asked her straight out what she did. She smiled and without any sign of shyness replied that she was a consultant psychologist who specialised in other peoples’ sexual problems.“And in answer to your next question,” she said, “I don’t do practical demonstrations and if you saw a lot of my clients you’d understand why.” We loaded the esky into the boat and Jane asked me to cast off as soon as the engine had warmed up a little. I liked her style and obvious understanding of machinery but regretted that she hadn’t told me we were going boating because it was quite cold out on the water.She smiled as if she knew what I was thinking and produced two oversize woollen sweaters from the locker under the instrument panel. “We won’t be on this long,” she said, “but it gets a little damp when we cross the harbour.”By now my curiosity was well and truly aroused and I decided to just sit back and enjoy whatever she had in mind. We idled out of the range of other boats moored near the jetty with the sound of a well-tuned V8 grumbling from the engine compartment right behind me. When I remarked how nice it sounded she replied that she had had to find a home for the original motor out of the Corvette and that was what I was listening to.We came to the end of the moored boats and she pushed the throttle forward about halfway. Immediately the little boat sprang to life and I enjoyed the thrill of feeling the hull come quickly up to the plane and felt the slap of small waves being replaced by the steady rhythmof a well-designed hull flying across the water.All too soon we were entering a little bay and Jane eased back on the throttle so that the boat settled back into the water and the engine resumed its former grumble as it idled along. We were headed for what looked like a fairly substantial flybridge cruiser and I remarked that its owner wouldn’t be at all impressed if we ran into it. Jane smiled and replied. “Absolutely, I’d be quite pissed off.”We pulled up to a transom landing behind the cruiser and I jumped up to tie the bow of the runabout to a stanchion. Jane handed me the esky and we stepped through a waterproof door in the transom onto the deck of probably the prettiest cruiser on Sydney harbour.I had to admit it, this was one class act my new friend was putting on but she didn’t seem to think anything was out of the ordinary.48We went into the main saloon of the boat and Jane switched on a soft night light saying that I should help myself to whatever I wanted to drink from the bar under the sideboard. From the very well-stocked little bar I selected a bottle of chardonnay and poured two glasses after Jane had indicated her approval of my choice. The wine was chilled perfectly and I asked how often she came out here to maintain the boat. She replied not as often as she wanted to but that she had a retired sailor who lived nearby and kept everything shipshape as well as cleaning up the mess made by seagull visitors.We looked at each other across the top of our glasses and I thanked her for letting me into this part of her world. She just nodded and took me by the hand and we went outside to the deck.We sat on deckchairs and watched the summer sun slide slowly into the hills behind the bay. As soon as it disappeared I heard the annoying whine of a mosquito and Jane immediately leaped to her feet. “Come on big fella let’s get away from these little mongrels.”We went inside the lounge and she slid the screen door shut. I was surprised given the obvious luxury we were enjoying when Jane informed we were having sandwiches for dinner. That was until she produced some freshly microwaved bread that definitely hadn’t come off the shelf of a supermarket, half a kilo of butter from a specialist deli she knew and, about a kilo of freshly cooked crayfish tails and a superb seafood salad.“I thought a fairly light dinner would be a good idea.” She said as she moved her chair closer to mine.Up until that moment I had wondered where all this was going as we had only held hands while we watched the sunset and I had received two very chaste kisses from her. To say that I was curious about the evening’s proceedings was a huge understatement.She had seemed a little distant for a while and I wondered if she was regretting asking me to come onto her little retreat.I asked her if there was anything wrong and she said that on the contrary she was delighted but wondered if she had suddenly become ugly. I looked at her in amazement and said that she was far from ugly and that I had been secretly admiring her all night.“Ahyes. I know you’ve been looking at my tits ever since we met but you haven’t actually tried to do anything else.”I laughed and said there wasn’t much to see at the moment because she was still wearing the heavy sweater she had put on while we were on the little boat. I also said that I had wanted to take things slowly in case I frightened her.“Well that’s easily fixed,” she said.49She then stood up and pulled the sweater over her head and her shirt came over her head with it so that she stood in front of me in her slack pants and bra.“Oops!” she said, “don’t you hate it when that happens?”“Not really,” I said.She reached down to retrieve her shirt and her breasts almost escaped from her bra when she bent down. I beat her to it and asked her would she like me to put it back on for her. She laughed and said that she didn’t think it would fit me and came over and sat on my knee.I liked this lady’s sense of humour – in fact I was liking this very classy lady more and more by the minute. She twisted around and straddled my legs so that she was facing me and I had a huge effort not to admire openly the best pair of tits I had seen in a long time albeit that I couldn’t see all of them as she still had her bra on. A beautifully sculptured half-cup bra which only just hid her nipples but displayed enough of her areola to almost get a man put into jail.She bent forward and we really kissed for the first time and for quite a long time until finally she had a little shiver and leaped to her feet. She padded across to the sliding door of the lounge area and drew a heavy curtain across and then returned to sit on me in exactly the same way she had done before. This time the kiss lasted even longer and I reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. She held onto me tightly and wouldn’t let me sit her back so that I could admire her and remove the front part – I wondered what was wrong until she gave a large sigh and reached down and tossed her bra across the saloon. “I hope you like them,” was all she said and sat back to let me see what she had.I was speechless, not more than 30 centimetres from me were the best pair of of tits I had ever seen. Perfectly formed and with nipples that were absolutely symmetrical – I was deeply in lust and wondered just how it had come to pass that this gorgeous creature was sitting astride my legs and openly displaying herself to me.She said, “George, I have a confession to make. I’m an absolute exhibitionist when it comes to this sort of thing and I just love being looked at so fill your big blue eyes as much as you like but just make sure you stay gentle and take your time.”“It’s two years tomorrow since my husband died and I haven’t been with anyone since so please be careful.”She stood up and took my hands in hers and kissed me deeply before leading me down a short companionway into a beautifully appointed master stateroom which was dominated by a kingsize bed and lit by very soft hidden lights.50Again I was speechless and pulled her towards me to kiss her very very gently and as we clung together I felt her undoing the belt on my trousers. I found that I was trembling slightly with anticipation and swore to myself that no matter what I was going to give this lady everything she wanted and deserved.I reached between us and found the belt on her tailored slacks and it came away easily so I undid the button and zip in the front and eased her slacks over her hips. She kicked them off as we clung together and asked me to wait a minute while she went to the bathroom. She came back I had removed my own clothes and was lying back on the bed in just my underpants.She didn’t say anything – just lay down beside me and again we kissed long and slow.I put my hand on the outside of her panties and felt the mound of her fanny and also the warmth which was radiating through the material. When I slid my hand under the waistband of her panties and encountered a shaved fanny she whispered. “Slowly please George.”I kissed her throat and then her two breasts and slowly worked down her stomach until I came to the waistband of her panties again, without another word she lifted her hips to let me slide them down to her ankles.She lay on her back with one foot resting against the knee of her other leg and I knelt in front of her and enjoyed her female tastes as my tongue explored first her outer lips and then found its way up to her clitoris. Her breathing increased rapidly and I could see a wet shininess at the bottom of her fanny. I entered her with just two fingers while I kept on playing with her fanny and it wasn’t long before she began moving against my hand as I increased the rate of tongue strokes I was applying to her now thoroughly soaked clit.Suddenly she was there and I felt her stomach tense and the inside of her cunt tighten on my fingers as her orgasm began and seemed to go on forever. She kissed me when I took my mouth away and held me very tightly as she whispered. “Fuck me George.”I gently pushed her legs together and knelt in front of her. Then I placed each of her feet on my shoulders and folded her back like a baby that was about to get its nappy changed.I entered her saturated fanny in one smooth movement and felt myself sliding into her until she had all that I had to give. Her response was to groan and lift her hips higher to get the last little bit of me.Considering how wet she was she was surprisingly tight and as I set up the timeless rhythm she began to push against me in time to every thrust. I placed my hands under the cheeks of her arse and lifted her up and I could feel her cervix against the end of my cock.51It would have required a very catastrophic event to have stopped us at this point. Wewere in perfect harmony as we thrust and received and I could feel Jane starting to increase the pressure on me as we approached the final moment until finally I groaned and shouted. “Now!” and Jane shouted. “Yes now! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck, fuck.”I rolled to the side of her and lay exhausted and said. “Yes, I suppose you could describe it like that.” She just smiled and looked me straight in the eyes and said. “What the hell were you doing? I thought I’d had the best sex ever but that was just – I don’t know how to describe it.”I don’t really know what happened either but I do think that two lonely people suddenly found someone else to relate to, the moment was just right, we were very attracted to each other and we both wanted what had just happened – why bother to try and analyse it, it worked and brilliantly and that’s all that matters.After an hour or two we sort of awoke from that state of near sleep that follows great sex and I asked her I asked her if she meant what said about being an exhibitionist. Her reply was to lie on her back, put her arms over her head and spread her legs as wide as she could while grinning like a contented cat. “Whatever you want to see – go for your life.”I spent the next half hour exploring every inch of her beautiful body until she said., “If you really want to look inside me why don’t you do it properly?”I said that I didn’t know what she meant and she replied by getting off the bed and rummaging in a drawer until she found what she was looking for. I was amazed when she handed me two quite large test tubes and a pencil torch. “That should help.” The first tube slipped easily into her still very wet fanny and I shone the torch into it. I was no stranger to the female body and had looked inside several of my partners before but this was different and so very intimate. Inside the walls of her fanny were translucent pink with faint traces of veins running round in no particular pattern.At the bottom end of the tube was another opening and at first I could not see into it but after fiddling with the torch for awhile could see what looked like a darker pink tunnel and realised that I was in fact looking into her cervix which was quite open and quite full of what I assumed was the white fluid I had just recently put into her. I could not believe the feelings that ran through me as the enormity of the intimacy she was giving me sank home and I realised that after only about forty eight hours I felt very strongly towards this woman.I withdrew the tube slowly and kissed her and told her about the feelings I had just had and she told me she was feeling pretty well the same and that she had found the whole exercise a huge turn-on. She then asked me if I’d like to see the other side of her.I couldn’t trust myself to speak and just nodded as she rolled over so that her arse was in the air.52This time I was very careful because I used the same tube and it seemed a bit big to me. She assured me that she would tell me to stop if it hurt and so I very gently inserted our glass friend into her rectum and had my second new experience for the evening. I had expected to see something unpleasant but instead it was almost a repeat of the first exercise except that there was nothing at the end of the tube I was looking into. Just a dark passage disappearing into the depths of her. I withdrew the tube and asked her if she liked anal sex and she replied that she thought most people did but that some had bad experiences when they tried and gave up.I asked her if we could do it now as my cock had fully recovered from his earlier exercise and she replied that we could do it later but first she would like to do something else. I asked her what and she said. “Just get on top of me and put that guided weapon where it belongs.” I did as she asked thinking that we were just going to have a conventional naughty but as soon as I was well into her she were asked me to roll us over till we were facing each other lying on our sides. She smiled and said, “good night, see you in an hour or so.” She then promptly fell asleep and after awhile so did I – still buried deep inside her.I woke up about three or four hours later and found that during that time I had slipped out of her but she was still asleep and facing me. I propped myself up on one elbow and looked at her face thinking that she looked particularly peaceful and contented and very beautiful. I remember thinking to myself that this one was quite special and determined that if she felt the same I would really like to get to know her a whole lot better.She woke up after another half hour or so and smiled as she reached over and planted a kiss firmly on the end of my nose and ran off to the bathroom. When she returned she said. “I think I remember making a promise to you.” With that she sat astride me and fed me into her bum. Obviously she had prepared herself well in the bathroom and I slipped easily into the passage I had looked into only a few hours ago.We left her little nest late the next afternoon and after a respectable period of about three weeks she agreed to stay with me for a trial period.It was during that period that she told me about her husband Steve and how he had died in a car accident after they had been together for almost thirty five years. Steve had been well insured and left her very comfortable financially and very lonely personally.I was surprised and flattered and felt very privileged to find out that I was only the third man she had known intimately.We lived comfortably and enjoyed each other immensely and in the meantime formed a close friendship with Brian and later Rene – very close.53I can’t describe my feelings the first time I saw her with Brian but the way it happenedwas sort of ok and seemed a natural progression of our friendship into a relationship.She continues to be a natural exhibitionist and skite and just loves to be the centre of attention but in the nicest possible way.And now we have Anne and Dennis and Margaret and Pete in our lives and I feel we are entering another very interesting phase in our relationships.


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